May 6, 2016

Cookie Info for the EU

Not that EU law applies to me, as I am not on that continent nor a citizen of a European country, but the platform that ate the platform this blog is published on (Google) has dealings all over the globe, and EU regs apply to Google... so, Google have inserted, so they say, a notice about cookie collection, for legal niceties for EU viewers.  Not being in the EU, I haven't seen/can't see, the notice.  I hope it's not all pervasive and that you can click to dismiss it if it is.

*waves at EU viewers*

Nota bene:  I, me, the writer here, collect NO cookies for informational or advertising or any other bothering-you purposes.  I don't use ads to monetize the blog or track people.  If I could turn off whatever cookies Google does that identify you, I would.  As I can't do that, if you have concerns about privacy from the google bots, there are privacy extensions for modern browsers, and the do-not-track features, and it won't hurt my feelings any if you use them. 

May 4, 2016

Mmmm spring

Rosa primula
The Rosa primula has popped, it being so warm; the past few days have been a fragrant wonder, with the sweet dianthus-scent of these yellow flowers wafting in the open windows and greeting me when I go outside, and melding with the aroma of the Sweet Briar around the corner. 

Over by the greenhouse, the lilacs are starting to open, and on the way to town today the huge lilac hedge about halfway to town announced itself about a hundred yards off.

My violets have blown, with the sudden heat, but the peonies look like they will make nicely, and unless it cools off a lot with this coming rainstorm, they will probably be open by the weekend. 

Notice anything odd

about this "stick"?

This fellow was basking on the porch this afternoon when I went to water, and as soon as I saw him he pretended he was a stick. 

I decided he needed a photo-op, and so here he is.  When I came back from the ablutions, he was gone. 

The weather is much too warm, and not only that, early-warm; it's not usually snake weather for almost another month.  Garter snakes are pretty common here, though usually not snuggled up to the siding on the front porch.

I would dearly love to know how he got up the steps too.