April 2, 2016

Spring 2016 (!)

(Sporadic is hardly the word for it, is it?)  Paradise Gardens Rare Plant Nursery is still here, but continues to undergo changes as I deal with time constraints, running two businesses and the farm, and (sigh) aging. 

This year there are roses (Primula, R. damascena, and with any luck, 'Mom's Rose'), Dianthus, some Delphiniums and sages, and a few other things as time permit.  The sudden warm spell this week caught me off guard, the freshly dug plants and I are a bit stunned.  So, lashings of water for them and a rest in the rose propagation area while we wait for the spring dampness to come back.  I'll post detailed updates on the availability page as soon as the plants are ready to ship.

The USPS has played 52-card pickup with shipping, and once the roses are sized and weighed for shipping, there will be some new options as I have a scheme for changing the shipping boxes.  Photos may follow if I am really proud of my work.

Photos will follow for certain though of the birds and creatures here; I am humbled and excited to report that the bald eagles have made a nest and appear to be setting!  We were over the moon the other day to come down the hill from a ramble and see their beefy structure in a poplar near the water.

Frogs are singing every night with gusto (I had to close the windows last night as they were keeping me awake)-- as it is freezing every morning when I wake, I marvel at what their life must be like.  Hmmm I should see if I can upload a recording of them to the blog.

Market starts the end of the month, this is my 18th or 19th year I think, another thing my life has been firmly entertwined with.

Happy Spring ;)


Laurie Brown said...

It's great to see you back! I've wondered how you were doing!

I need to get some plants this year. My R. primula died a long time ago, although R. eglantine is doing *quite* well. Very eager to see what else you'll have!

Betsy Canfield said...

Hi Judy! Andy and I were just wondering how you are! Glad you are still there! We are still in Elmira. Eleven years. ...I still feel like the just got here. And you're right about our new warm and dry weather. It's a new gardening life for sure. I have my whole garden in already! Except tomatoes of course. XOXO! !

Judith said...

Hi Betsy! Wow! I was just thinking about you a few weeks ago, wondering how you all were doing. So nice to know you are still around.

Stop by the farmer's market some Saturday and visit, I'd love to catch up.