May 6, 2012

New plants for 2012: mints

I have several new mints this season, and am really pleased with three of them; this variegated peppermint is a much nicer strain than the one I had years ago, with bolder coloration and a richer, deeper smell.  There's almost a hint of chocolate to it; not a big surprise I suppose as that is a Mentha piperita variety as well.

The English Mint!!  (Really needs the capitals and exclamation points; it's so very vivid.)  This spearmint relative is bold, sweet, clean, crisp, and green.  The foliage is large and bright green to match; it's my favorite mint while I am transplanting.

Mojito mint--a slight fruity undertone, subtly citrusy, and a nice minty flavor.  I can see why this is the mint used in the Cuban drink, rather than something as assertive as English mint; this one works well with others instead of demanding center stage.  The fruity notes make you want to come back for more.  This one is also featured in a new soap this season; I may also make some mojito mint jelly... wonder how rum stands up to canning?