May 6, 2012

Mail order catalog update

The shopping cart/plant availability list is installed and working!  Still probably have some tinkering to do with the code for font and layout (why yes, I am a constant tinkerer! :P) and more photos to take and upload, but it's online, it's searchable, and reflects what is available for shipment NOW, vs what might really be sold out, or now moved to a larger size.  I do miss the print catalog, being a person of the book, but not using all that paper is enough reason in itself to stop printing it.  Being able to add color photos and expanded descriptions is something of a dream come true, as well.  The shipping module calculates options for you, so you can tailor time in shipping/cost to your liking; if the estimate is too much off (still getting size averages tweaked for potted items) I'll notify you of any difference.  So far this has not been necessary, I'm happy to say.

Shopping Cart/availability page for Paradise Gardens Rare Plant Nursery