February 2, 2012

Catalog changes coming

This year's catalog will be out later this month..... in .pdf form, on the nursery site for downloading.  I've done a papersaver .pdf each year for a while now, and this year, unless specifically requested, there won't be a print version.  Subscribers/those who have ordered recently will get a free copy mailed to them upon request, but otherwise there will be a charge for the paper version.  This will give me another week to transplant, write tags, and take care of seedlings instead of printing, folding, stickering, sealing, stapling and the like, and the printer can go back to its intended use (plant tags).  Nobody, not even me, wants to try to read tags I write, and while my wrist is much improved after the Great Board Fence Collapse Incident, I'm saving my fingers for transplanting.

The soap site shopping cart is working well enough (translation: I've got the training wheels off) that I will be installing a streamlined version of a cart on the Availability pages of the nursery site, which will only feature up to date inventory, thus streamlining that part of the process as well as saving more trees. 

Subscribers and recent orderers will receive a postcard notification reflecting the change, soon; and I'll post the link to the finished catalog when it is uploaded.