July 3, 2011

Ooh-er, a new canopy and a new, smaller soaping space

Yet another windstorm at market, and my canopy became a bumbershoot, I will save the top as a replacement, and try to find someone with the patience to fix the frame or reycle it.  For the market though, I need a sturdier one, eeking through windy days was a constant battle.  I did a lot of research, asked a lot of other market/fair vendors, and got a new one that is way sturdier, with some simple tweaks that make me very happy.... it sheds rain rather than collecting it in huge draughts that dump on the unsuspecting (as do the canopies of my neighbors at the fm!), and the latches have levers rather than finger-smashing, biting buttons.  That's tech only a vendor could understand, but............ oh, my, it's a huge improvement.

The soaping space moved from the front porch to the back porch, it's tinier and forces me to streamline things a bit, but it frees up the front porch for living space, which I quite like; sitting there with a cuppa, listening to the hummingbirds at the blackcurrant sage and chastizing the little whitetail buck for eating my petunias in the porch pots (he looked so very doggy, "Why are you telling me no?" :D )........ ah, nice to have the space back.

After the day's transplanting, I hope to get to a batch of cocoa butter soap (unscented) and some goatmilk ones with the fresh goatmilk I traded for at the market yesterday, and tinker more with oatmilk as a substitute for silk, plus the infamous huckleberry soap.