May 18, 2011

Well that was fun.

We had a two-day windstorm (Saturday and Sunday) with a fair amount of rain on Sunday.  The rain was expected to be huge and go on for days--- I thought I'd get some digging in of a last few woody plants, but that didn't pan out, as the wind just would not stop and the rain was only for a short time.  The market was terribly windy, one of those dirt in the face windy days, with vendors putting out extra canopy weights and casting nervous glances at their tents all day.  At the end, one fellow's display of jams got knocked over and smashed, but luckily there were several of us still there to help clean up.

I noticed a bunch of trees down on Sunday morning, but what are you going to do?  Had to wait it out.... and found not only loads of debris everywhere, more trees down in the farm road, but also limbs falling had taken down one of my fences, snapped off wooden posts and mangled wire.  Which made a couple of does very happy... and then irked at me for chasing them out of the garden.  One hung about all afternoon, dog-like, as I rebuilt the fence, waiting for me to let her back in.  Hm-um, no.

I got the broken posts replaced, the wire flattened out and re-attached, and a few of the wooden ones removed. Cedar posts two feet taller than I am, and nearly as big around, are HEAVY!  I'm glad to be switching to all t-posts, as they won't need replacement as often, and I don't love using a post hole digger, either.  But so not how I envisioned using my Monday!

I found another stretch of fence down last night, though on the road not the garden, and there was other random damage, branches down, plants and pots strewn all over (me chasing an upended box of propagating foam in the windstorm must've been quite the sight for the birds clinging to the trees)... near the greenhouse windows, new tender growth was no match for the wind, but in the middle of the house, all was well except for the holes in the plastic letting rain in (and WHY always down my neck?) Haha very funny, Ms. Nature.