May 24, 2011

Well that was fun. Not. (Email virus).

It's a good thing I run a bunch of different anti-virus and anti-malware software, and that I was lucky enough to see the start of a virus on-screen and able to shut down my net connection.  Last week an email-propagated virus attacked my computer, and the backing hard drive.... chewed its way through the address book and a lot of emails, sent a bunch of spam (including to me! how I found it!  I knew I hadn't just emailed myself).  Several scans later (over 36 hours worth of infection clearing, argh) I was able to access the net again and update my a/v programs and re-scan........seems to be clean now, but I lost a chunk of data, and a swath of my address book, and a pile of emails.  Here in Petticoat Junction, half of everyone I know has the same ISP or email system, and that cursed thing went round and round and round.  So, if you've tried to email me lately, and got no answer, please try again; I didn't dare reply to anyone until today, for fear of spreading the infection.

And a pox on the house of anyone who would write and propagate such a thing, I lost a week of time and reams of communication, and files.