May 26, 2011

New soaps (and the return of a couple of favorites)

It poured rain and howled a gale all day (again...argh!) so I stayed inside and soaped as I have done so much lately.  I woke up to crashing and banging, darted out at daylight to check on seedling flats (not washed way, thank goodness!), made coffee, and then hauled out my soaping gear.

Curing or freshly made:
I've been tinkering with a blend to mimic Lily of the Valley, and think what I came up with comes pretty close.  It's tinted with green clay and a swirl of white.  Then there was a fresh batch of espresso scrub (a titch less scrubby than previously, ground the coffee beans a bit finer), one of sweet orange (a simple treat: folded orange essential oil and the deeply sweet scented wax from orange peels; the essential oil and wax provide all the color you could want), a batch of calendula-lemongrass (with calendula infused oil and petals), and a layered lavender/chamomile batch, the chamomile part ended up tinted a bit green from the azure blue of the chamomile essential oil.  As it's cured, the flecks from the chamomile flowers have begun to show up a bit more, tiny specks of gold.  I'm liking the layered look and have a citrus one in mind next.

Tomorrow is prep for market day, and please please, weather, no more squalls?  And especially on Saturday, otherwise we will all need gumboots and sandbags.  Peeking at the island in the river next to where our market meets, I was reminded last week of 'dike patrol' when I was tiny, and seeing roads washing out and barns up to their eaves in water.  Though that likely won't happen again, with the dam and all, and I do love ducks and geese........ still, we've had enough wet weather for a week or so, in my opinion.  I've got buds on the rosa primula, and apple trees in flower, and I know the honeybees are getting restless.


Laurie Brown said...

I need to get another rosa primula from you one of these days. The one I got way back when died when it was still a wee thing (gophers). The eglantine I got from you, however, is a marvelous thing!

Judith said...

Ack, gophers! Yes, I've got some young R. primula (and glutinosa, as well)... out of eglantine for the year, but she always makes more... I've taken to calling the mama plant 'Her Majesty'.

And what an awful, cold rainy market morning it was! We froze. At least it didn't snow... and the cold is keeping the Kootenai within her banks.