April 3, 2011

Spring Market Soaping

In honor if it finally being spring (I have crocus blooming even if it snowed an inch overnight!), I made a new soap today, using cucumber and a blend of essential oils to give the fresh impression of cucumber, as while the lovely cucumber kept its fragrance through the lye and into the molds, I doubt it would last much beyond cure.  A bit of green French clay and teal oxide for swirls and a marbled top, and the bars look pretty springy; I hope to upload photos tomorrow when they are cut.  This was my first soap using galbanum and petitgrain together, and I quite like them this way; to deepen the green note there is some vetiver, and to soften, a dab of orange flower wax. 

Next up: banana; when a bunch of bananas got away from me last winter, I froze them for banana bread, and the excess seem perfect for a super gentle, sweet soap.  I've been tinkering on an essential oil blend to hint at bananas (fresh, not too ripe); we'll see how I did when it's unmolded.