March 31, 2011

Spring news

Spring is finally here, the icebergs melting away from the gardens, and green sprouts peeking up between last fall's grasses and the fallen leaves and needles.  Tomorrow begins digging; the ground has also thawed enough to dig down further than two inches, which was the state just a week ago.

First things to dig will be strawberries, followed by columbines, thymes, lavenders and of course, roses.  I've got a couple to move that I was in the midst of digging when I got sick a year ago, and it will be wonderful to get them settled in their new homes nearer the house.  Some big clumps of lilies need to be split, too, as soon as the ground is warm that far down.

This evening's walk was filled with birdsong (geese, ducks, red-wing blackbirds), and the ponds are busy, for the first time in several years.