November 26, 2010

Yesterday's Thanksgiving festivities including reindeer practice

Plowing the lane first, so I could be sure to get back in when I came home; a slippery drive; lots of smiles and greeting and meeting friends of friends (small world smaller!), a nice dinner, then coming home I successfully did not hit one of the (I counted:11) deer on the road on the way (had to go in the ditch though), nor the elk, flushed for some reason out of the woods, they thundered by like --well a herd of elk, but imagine a like herd of horses, only larger, with decorative spiky elements, in the dark, with snow flying.

November 23, 2010

Back to work...finally

This was a longer hiatus than I intended, and it's not over quite yet, but I'm now able to believe there will be spring for me.  Seed catalogs are coming in weekly this time of year, and their cheer and hope are a restorative.  Things at the nursery will be different in the spring, to accommodate changes in ability, but my love of plants has not diminished.  Lavender will still be a star, and fragrant plants my love. Their healing, welcoming, invigorating qualities are more important to me now than ever.  There will be a spring catalog along about February or March, with some new and some old favorites, and the soap end of things will expand a bit and see some changes too for the new year.

The website will be updated soon (I'll be working in the background like a good Nisse!), the vandalized parts repaired or replaced . . . time for some new things, anyway.  I've got some books to add to the book list, and some fun gardening, arts, and sciences links too, plus new recipes.