September 26, 2010

Sailor take warning

Rather ominous red sunrise turned into not such a stormy day... though it's not over yet.  But the sounds of hail at dawn did turn out to be a flicker testing out the acoustic properties of the roof. :)

Slowly, slowly getting my feet back under me... literally.  Friday I had feeling in both feet!!! Gives me hope.

Soaping research today, making applesauce, napping in a sunbeam as though I was a cat.  Tomorrow: mowing the farmyard, I hope.  I am having a tendency to overdo, but am grateful for the energy to try to overdo. 

Our last outdoor market is this upcoming Saturday, then we shift into a more quiet mode as we work against the clock for Fall.  Still no hard, killing frost yet, which is so very strange I can't put it into words.  I may yet have time to get into the ground the plants I need to for the winter; seed catalogs are arriving, and I'm sketching out a list for spring, which seems impossibly far away right now.