June 1, 2010

Now back to the regularly scheduled website

. . .  the one where the links work and the images load correctly, and the email form does not deliver mails to the 4th dimension, instead of the inbox.

I'm not certain what happened to the website for the nursery, but I think I have it fixed.  It's unclear if it was vandalism or a virus or just what, but things seem to be working better now. Luckily I had a backup copy of most of the images. 
There's nothing like spending a day in a thorough under-the hood going over of a website to convince you that

  • a)  maybe you need to change things up and streamline them (which will be coming later on this summer) and
  • b) you're glad you don't have to do web design for a living.
Emails I think are working again, I've tried out the form and so far, so good.  Apologies to those whose emails did not get through.