June 30, 2010

Soaping adventures

Before things came really unstuck, I got a bunch of new soaps made; I've been having fun with unscented varieties (oatmeal-honey; straight goatmilk), using herbs from the garden (eucalyptus, rosemary-lemongrass), local goatmilk (Idaho peppermint) and infused oils from the woods (evergreen).  I made an anniversary soap for friends to remind them of a favorite vacation they took to Corsica... that scent will go in the repertoire, I think.  I have more to make, re-stocking to do, and hope to get back to some of that next week.  I also hope to get some photos taken and post..... some of the swirls came out really nice, even if I do say so myself!

Heart failure

...would make me cranky (I am a bad patient), if it didn't make me so tired.  There's probably a bad pun in there somewhere, but I cannot find it.  It is making the gardens, though, weedy as they have gotten, intensely beautiful to me.  The roses are in bloom, the pinks and iris...achingly lovely.

June 15, 2010

Out of Office

...I don't actually have an office, of course ;)  but health concerns and family obligations will keep me away from nursery things for the rest of the month.  I hope to be back at full energy by late summer, but recuperating is taking a lot longer than I thought.  Shipping is continuing as I am able, and I appreciate people's amazing patience. 

The cold wet spring has morphed into a wet early summer--we've had 4" of rain in about three weeks, which is odd for here---and the plants' schedules are vastly messed up; lilacs aren't done, peonies are nearly over, tomatoes and beans are rotting in the ground.  When the heat came it came like flicking a switch, requiring the shadecloth be put on in panic-mode for the sake of the plants in the greenhouse (and the frogs in there too).  Finally though with the sun, cuttings are rooting and propagated things leafing out with vigor; seedlings are beginning to catch up.

June 1, 2010

Now back to the regularly scheduled website

. . .  the one where the links work and the images load correctly, and the email form does not deliver mails to the 4th dimension, instead of the inbox.

I'm not certain what happened to the website for the nursery, but I think I have it fixed.  It's unclear if it was vandalism or a virus or just what, but things seem to be working better now. Luckily I had a backup copy of most of the images. 
There's nothing like spending a day in a thorough under-the hood going over of a website to convince you that

  • a)  maybe you need to change things up and streamline them (which will be coming later on this summer) and
  • b) you're glad you don't have to do web design for a living.
Emails I think are working again, I've tried out the form and so far, so good.  Apologies to those whose emails did not get through.