May 8, 2010

Weather Report

It has been a much colder spring than usual, and things in the gardens are quite a bit behind schedule here.  Being in a frost pocket near the mountain adds to this; I went to a friend's house last week for a bit of a visit and their apple trees and service berries are in full, while up here the apples are just opening, and the service berries are not open at all.  It's good because I have more to dig, and have been sick; it's bad because it is shortening the season for growing veggies...but who knows what August may bring?  Almost anything will be better than last year's. 

I'm finally able to work more than an hour or so in the greenhouse and gardens again, and while I am still woefully behind, at least I can enjoy my time out there without knowing I will pay dearly for it for days afterwards.  Slow and steady, right?  Digging in the garden, hearing the chickadees and robins, all things I have really missed.