January 8, 2010

Sky Blue Pink: Winter for Spring

It's cold and clear, and while the plants are dormant, things are quietly going on in the background... seed ordering & seed starting, catalog editing, plans for new offerings for spring.  Spring.  A funny word it sounds, tonight at around zero.  But nevertheless, it will come.  It will be good to have time this year for my own vegetable garden, something I had to let go of last year while I cared for Mom, there just wasn't time to tend that too.  I missed having beans especially, the test tomatoes I grew provided all the fresh tomatoes I needed, luckily (and I will be adding some of them at the market this year to the other heirloom & perennial vegetables.)I am also planting a bit more of a flower garden just for me, some of the nostalgic things I learned to love as a child and a young gardener... Bachelors' Buttons, Forget Me Nots, Nigella, and the fragrant things I always love to go along with the other cutting flowers.  One of my earliest pleasures was getting to cut flowers for a vase by my bed, almost always something fragrant... if I close my eyes I can still smell those pinks.