December 13, 2009

Merry Christmas


from the Wildlife Spa & Nursery! 

This morning the world's fluffy and white, the fawns are in their fuzzy winter coats while they munch on things in the yard, and everything looks like a greeting card.  While finishing my seed catalog perusing, and straining & warming oils for the last batch of this year's sweetgrass soap, I've set a jug of kaluha liqueur to work and may even put up some colored lights...this is my card this season.  

Wishing everyone a warm Happy Christmas & Winter Holiday, and a gentle, peaceful New Year.

*This graphic (by CĂ©line Jolly) is too nice not to use twice.

December 11, 2009

Earth stood hard as iron

---We've had more than a week of circum-zero weather, with only the merest dusting of snow, which is hard on the plants if easy on the driver.  The ground was hard enough on Sunday to put the chains on the tractor without fear of tearing up the lane, and tomorrow I hope to get the last of the picking up around the greenhouse done so plowing won't be hampered when the snows commence in earnest.
In about a week, it will be time to make the cider for wassailing the fruit trees.