November 6, 2009

Craft Faire Craze

If it's November or December, it means craft fairs & Festivals every weekend, or nearly so.  I'm doing three such weekends this year; the Cow Creek Crafters this weekend, down canyon from me in the firehall; my own Holiday Market (the one I organize for our Farmers Market) in town, and the Waldorf School one in Sandpoint.
Soaps, lip balms, sachets, creams, jellies, vanilla sugar, rosemary plants, handpainted silk scarves, ---------and that's just me!  Today I scored more Huckleberry Tarts from Katka Kate, a lovely bowl of veggie soup by the Mennonite cooks, some dreamy sugar cookies, a beautiful handmade thank you card (for a marvellous prayer shawl made for me), and little stones with footprints painted on: one grizzly, one elk.
Plus laughter, jokes, hugs, tall tales, garden stories, and music--accordion, guitar, violin, cello....what a marvellous day.  Tomorrow there will be more folks at the fair and I will investigate salsas, huckleberry-pepper jelly, and enjoy the other crafters and the shoppers.  And hope to sell a boatload of soaps!  Then Sunday, the Harvest Festival at church, and Monday, when it is drier, more of the outdoor things that must be done right away.