November 27, 2009

From the 10-cent bin

Who knew coins could be found with garden related images? I found these a couple of weeks ago, carnations and iris and birds, butterflies, leaves and grain and a woman planting.... and a dragon to watch over them all.

November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Greetings

Here's another of those lovely old postcards from Aunt Vera's book from last Christmas... I like the combination of the two holidays (and the black kitty of course, as I've just lost my Minnie.)
Hoping everyone has a good Thanksgiving!

I am realizing I have much to be thankful for, even amidst all my loss... good friends, wonderful place to live, lovely memories... and new friends and memories being made!  One nice new thing is the re-design of the nursery homepage, done by my friend CĂ©line Jolly of Bordeaux.  I've mentioned the Chickadee below, but do check out the new homepage!

November 7, 2009

Chickadee Presents

If you've read me at all, you know I love Chickadees, and that they are special to me since I was a little girl.  Today I received two lovely Chickadee presents, and have to show them off right away. 


Gorgeous, aren't they?
I've been needing to print new business cards, and ...ooh, how pretty!
Thanks, Lez!

November 6, 2009

Craft Faire Craze

If it's November or December, it means craft fairs & Festivals every weekend, or nearly so.  I'm doing three such weekends this year; the Cow Creek Crafters this weekend, down canyon from me in the firehall; my own Holiday Market (the one I organize for our Farmers Market) in town, and the Waldorf School one in Sandpoint.
Soaps, lip balms, sachets, creams, jellies, vanilla sugar, rosemary plants, handpainted silk scarves, ---------and that's just me!  Today I scored more Huckleberry Tarts from Katka Kate, a lovely bowl of veggie soup by the Mennonite cooks, some dreamy sugar cookies, a beautiful handmade thank you card (for a marvellous prayer shawl made for me), and little stones with footprints painted on: one grizzly, one elk.
Plus laughter, jokes, hugs, tall tales, garden stories, and music--accordion, guitar, violin, cello....what a marvellous day.  Tomorrow there will be more folks at the fair and I will investigate salsas, huckleberry-pepper jelly, and enjoy the other crafters and the shoppers.  And hope to sell a boatload of soaps!  Then Sunday, the Harvest Festival at church, and Monday, when it is drier, more of the outdoor things that must be done right away.