October 18, 2009

Soaping Again

Finally getting back into the swing of things... my recent soap binge includes an Espresso kitchen scrub bar, red apple with Kootenai valley apple cider, lovely lemon (lemon eo, lemon peel wax, a touch of litsea), and Evergreen, a mix of conifer oils and a swirl of green. 
Coming up: rose, patchouli-rose, lavender garden, jasmine (with pure jasmine wax), rosemary-orange and a winter version of flower shower. 
Pictures when they happen; my beloved Olympus died, and the new camera came with a manual for a totally different camera, so I am flying a titch blind.  Sort of fun, really.  And I'm taking anything like that I can get, nowdays.

The weather has warmed back up and I hope to get a slew of outside stuff done tomorrow--install a replacement greenhouse door for the one that came apart in my hands, for one; tractor maintenance; last-ditch planting; mowers away, back blade on.... the recent snowfalls are warning shots, I know.