October 17, 2009


One beautiful lesson in the past month or so has been the amazing kindness of people who care about you.  Sweet, exquisite things.  People brought me food, hugged me, listened to me cry--cried with me--told me how much they loved Mom--the darling ladies at the nursing home thanked me for letting them care for Mom! My vet clinic sent me flowers.  Marsha, my market buddy, came a few mornings after Mom died and brought me flowers and food--cleaned my kitchen so I could eat--and started the process of putting me back together.  She had known without me getting to the phone that I was in need.  My best friend from highschool, and her parents, were a haven for me.  My friends in the internet held my hand virtually--including on long scary drives in the dark to the emergency room.  I have been upheld by all of these, and it has meant more to me than I can possibly say.
Thank you.