October 14, 2009

In Which October is Really November

Whoo, cold weather indeed followed that wind, it got down to about 9F for several nights.  That's more than a month early... and really hard on the plants.  I have hoses that need a day or so to warm enough to coil up, at two places.
It has warmed up, snowed more, and rained buckets all day, keeping me inside.  I'm working on decanting and flavoring herb vinegars (Viet cilantro, lemongrass plus--something? garlic?), soaping, details for upcoming holiday markets and craft fairs, and trying to keep from thinking.  Some cranky hours fighting with software, servers, diagnosing error codes and downloading updates made things worse, not better... but I got a little present via the 'net today, and an 'r u ok?' message, so that makes me forgive all the computer argh-ick.

This is the present:

Thanks for that, Lez!


lezario said...

You're welcome, Elliot.