October 4, 2009

Cold Front

Windy today, with huge winds expected by dark.  They say on the radio the highway to the Coast is blocked by blowing dust and they don't know when it will re-open.  Here in my little clearing, it's windy--but they say 40-50mph winds tonight, ugh.  I'm glad not to have to go down to the road, I would likely be knocked down by the wind at this rate, it is so open out there.
I have to finish bringing in the tender plants I want to save for winter, and make an assessment of what will go in the ground and what will winter in the greenhouse, and what will go to the compost pile.  It was a rough summer and there is much to be done before the snow flies--well, lands, as it's already snowed up above me on Black Mountain.  The folks to bring in are: lemongrass, Viet coriander, the Mexican salvias, a pot of petunias for the scent, the rosemary and her kids, whatever lemon eucalyptus are left, and the green tops of the sweetgrass to process before hard frost.  Anything else will have to get shoehorned in between the scented geraniums and the grape sage, when I get them moved to the back porch.  Oh, and the orchid cactus.  And probably something else, but my brain is pretty mushy still.  Better go zap a cup of coffee and suit up against the wind!