June 1, 2009

Funny weather

Spring has been slow and cool, leaving many plants far behind their usual progress by this date. For example the peppermint has just appeared, while we've harvested the last of the rhubarb already. Several other groups of plants have lagged behind; balloon flowers just emerging, the species peonies just finishing, and even a few Pasque flowers still blooming, a full two months and more after they started. Week before last we needed long coats and thermoses at the market, Saturday we needed shade and ice water. The heat is finally driving things out of the ground, meaning watering is suddenly in full swing too. Like flinging open a door stage left, Summer has just arrived. The Rosa Primula is in full glory, some of the rugosas have started, and the antiques are budding; but the lavender is stubbornly clenched. Going to be confusing all season, I expect.