May 18, 2009

Back to Work!

Spring is lurching along, finally warm in a huge blast of sudden warm weather. The plants and I are astonished. We've been a solid 3 or more weeks behind, which made being under the weather myself seem not so urgent-------and now it's a flat-out race for the gate. It's good to be able to dig again, and to finally wave 'good morning' to little familiar faces: pineapple mint, lime balm, variegated lemon balm, orange mint, columbia lilies, shooting stars. . . all popping up in just the past two days. And the robins are singing the goodnight song now promptly at 8pm, reminding me to come inside and eat dinner. I went back out to close up the greenhouse and move pots of newly dug plants and startled a doe and her lass, inspecting my handiwork!

May 11, 2009


They say time is nature's way of keeping everything from happening at once; if so, she needs to work on her game.
This has been a bad week and it's only Monday: continuing freezing weather, emergency dentistry and now The Min, office kitty extrordinaire, had a gran mal siezure this morning, really scary.
She's napping on my lap now and we are wondering how to deal with this new development in the life of a 20-year old cat. Her vet isn't sure she could tolerate anti-seizure meds, and I don't think they would slow the progress of what is likely disautonomy. And don't look that up unless you have iron guts. Needless to say, everything looks a shade of gray, to match the weather. We're hoping for some sun to bring on the gardens, and to make a sunbeam for Minnie.