April 10, 2009


This week's springs work includes setting out some new strawberry plants; I like to renovate the beds every few years with new stock, and this year I am going to put in new Honeyoye (to replace those in a bed that got eaten by quack grass) and new white fruited alpines.
The latter I divide until I have a nice long row, but I've decided that rather than always do from one seed packet (or sometimes, even from seed from one fruit!) I should intersperse with fruits from another grower. I am trying not to put all my berries in any one basket, so there are now going to be back up beds and stock in waiting, plus different sources of genetic material, especially after the Musk fiasco (voles eating a bunch one year, and disease decimating most of them the next year).
So, it will be interesting to see if there are discernable differences in fruit and habit in the white fruited ones---or if, as I suspect, they are all basically the same, just going about under a range of names. I have grown out several strains of red fruited alpines, and can't see or taste any difference, really.
Unless I see evidence to the contrary, in the future, from me at least, they will just be called 'White Fruited Alpine' and 'Red Fruited Alpine' and let go at that. I can see that after many years, there could be selection at various hands to merit the different names (Ivory, Pineapple Crush, etc.), but in the garden here I haven't seen any difference. I will be sure to note any I find, here.