April 26, 2009

April Snows, April Flowers

The weather is its normal fitful self, 75 degrees one day, thunderstorms at midnight with hail, then wind and clouds. . . and inches of snow an hail. To celebrate the opening of the Farmers' Market, one supposes! But there are hyacinths in bloom, snowdrops, forsythia, drumstick primroses, the lovely furry Pasque flowers. And robins singing, chickadees greeting me, the great horned owls murmuring in the dark. I am really beginning to think they will raise a family here again, the summer I had enormous baby owls about was magical and I look forward to a repeat.

The start & stop weather makes it a bit hard to be in the garden digging, hail banging about the ears is no fun, so transplanting and soaping get tended to, garden planning & re-planning, and shipping plants starts tomorrow!