March 15, 2009

Shipping to start soon!

The spring rains have really begun in earnest, after a week of near zero weather.  The snow is disappearing finally.  Soon, after the ground thaws and can drain (right now the lane is 4" or more of squelchy mud on top of a frozen base and trucks can't get in (or out!))--we'll be able to start digging and shipping.
The availability list has a few items on it from the cold greenhouses, which wintered over and are in some cases starting to flower.  Soon we'll be adding plants from the coldest house which has no heat, and then from the gardens, which are starting to appear from under the snow.

We are really behind last season; usually we are able to start digging things like the strawberries by now, but they still can't even be seen.  This will mean a sudden mad rush of work and amazement when we can finally get to the ground and see what has wintered, what has volunteered, and what surprises the Nisse may have left.