February 11, 2009

Queen of Delphiniums

I have always loved Delphiniums, that's not news. What is news, is the fabulous gift of species Delphinium seeds in many varieties from one of my favorite seed catalogs, JL Hudson. Depending upon the crop I get, and how they like this climate, there should be several new entries in the plants catalog next season. These I have not grown before: D. glaucum, occidentale, and virescens, so they will be especially welcome to the test beds. In the cold greenhouses, I've got D. zalil popping their heads up from a short winter nap in their plug trays, and D. ramosum if my little map is correct (and my glasses clean!). I always think I prefer the big doubles with their powerful color, but then when the species bloom, I fall for them immediately too. The dinky D. nudicaule with even reddish stems and roots to go along with their cheery red flowers caught my heart last spring; wonder which one it will be this year?