November 24, 2008


We got 'em for your brain.  According to Critics' Rant readability gadget, the reading level required for this blog is Genius.  Since we know hard-core gardeners are usually avid readers, that's not going to be a stretch for this audience.  Maybe it's all the Latin that keeps our brains charging--what do you think?

November 9, 2008

Holiday Preparedness

It's fitting for this post that it snowed this week.  I'm in the midst of finishing organizing the Holiday Market for the farmers' market, finishing my own work for it, and finishing outside pre-winter stuff.  So of course it snowed before I quite got the chains on the tractor!  All that is left to do outside though is to finish the inventory for spring in the gardens & greenhouse and put down seeds to germinate over the winter.  That leaves the rest of the indoors holiday prep. . .

The Holiday Market is Nov. 22nd this year, at the local Jr. High cafeteria, and spaces are quite full, barring a raft of cancellations.  I'll have several new soaps, including Winter Revels, in honor of the season, Vanilla Bean, and Pink Clouds.  I'll also have creams, lip balms, herbal jellies and hand painted silk scarves plus a few mystery items.
Luckily it has gone back to raining the past few days, we need the moisture and it doesn't have to be shoveled!