August 15, 2008

This can't be what they meant to happen: FDA Globalization Act of 2008

While it sounds good to increase funding for the FDA and its food protection capabilities, this act as currently written would put most home business cosmetics makers out of business with enormous fees and burdensome manufacturing and paperwork requirements.  A $2000 yearly registration fee (even if you only make lip balm!) plus separate facilities, inspections for them, and registering each formula and re-registering every time you tweak a formula (add more cocoa butter and that has to be re-registered).  While Revlon or Estee Lauder could easily afford this change, in their beginnings at kitchen tables, they would not have been able to.  At a time in this country when it is ever harder to make a living, the economy is tightening, and home-based businesses are a major way for women to be able to support themselves and their families, this legislation comes along to make things worse, not better.  Small businesses were not taken into consideration by the people writing this legislation, and the sooner they realize how damaging this would be, the better.  For more information, and to watch a video on the impact of this legislation, or to sign a petition to stop the Act as it is now written, visit the Indie Business Blog.