August 21, 2008

Last Remaining Speaker of a Language

My closest friend is dying, and will be gone by the time you see this post.  She and I have known each other since college, and through over 30 years of shared experiences, laughter, tears and wonder, we have in a way been our own little country.  She has a darling family, raised two wonderful children, and yet there have always been things only we understood about each other.
I have other good friendships, but somehow it was like we had grown up together when we met.  Her family welcomed me, we traded visits, made road trips and pub and gallery crawls, I cheered her starting her design career and family, she visited me in grad school, we traded art books and recipes and plants. We laughed, cried, encouraged, helped and understood each other.  Her bright smile, sly sense of humor, endless curiosity, prodigious capabilities and vast kindness I will always treasure.  She could pull me out of a funk with smart ideas, funny stories, outrageous suggestions.  I hope I have been even half as good a friend to her as she has to me. 
As she dwindles, I'm feeling like an explorer at a far outpost, with the radio connection to home fading into silence.  When she is silenced, part of me will be as well.


Betsy said...

Oh Judi, I am so sorry! But what an absolutely beautiful post. I have goosebumps! I'm thinking of you. Love, Betsy