July 3, 2008

What's the deal with the humidity?!!?

Not only is it wildly hot (circum 100F daily) but it's also humid, something we usually reserve for the winter rainy spells.  Maybe not so ghastly for the plants who are losing more moisture than they can take up by their roots as they slow down photosynthesis in shock, to be enveloped in a blanket of moisture, but it is ghastly for non-plantlife.  We've switched to siesta rules here, darting outside in mid-day only to move sprinklers.  Our current weather is coming up out of Oregon across the Basin and you'd think the water would have been wrung out of it, and I am sadly thinking this is the spring rain being forced up out of the ground.  Yuck.  If this keeps up, I will have to get a wading pool again for me and the deer.