July 31, 2008

Vacation notes

I hope you folks are getting vacations.  Nursery folk don't get them in the summer, and often not at all.  So go swimming for me! 
It has been a very busy summer here, between watering everything in the 90+ heat, the market and caring for my Mom.  Soapmaking slowed down a bit, and then there was a cool few days and I got rose petal, lavender and pansy jellies made--hope to get fireweed and more lavender done this week.  Lavender harvesting is nearly done, different scents have been put down in olive oil for soapmaking and armloads dried for sachets.  Lining out of plants for wintering over will begin shortly, funny to be thinking of winter now but that is part of the nursery cycle. 
A favorite doe is once again bringing her fawn by for babysitting while she goes to water, it's a slice of nirvana to be so honored.  Student robins are cheekily getting the strawberries and young turkeys are strolling along the roadside, tomatoes and cucumbers are ready now daily, definitely high summer. 

Spam has gone up again, seems tidal, at any rate sometimes our email just can't cope and things get lost.  If you have tried emailing us and gotten no answer, do try again--or drop a postcard.  Some days I don't get near the internet, some days there is no connection, but neither rain nor . . .you know.