June 22, 2008

Summer's Work

has started in earnest. Mowing, weeding, chasing voles. . .shade cloth is on the greenhouse and seen at the farmers market on half the stalls--we're all more used to cloudy weather than the sudden heat. The roses are coming on strongly now: Rose de Rescht, then Harrison's Double Yellow (known as Deb's Rose here), and now La Ville de Bruxelles is starting. The Rugosa seedlings are sporting different shades of pink and they remind me I need to take cuttings of Hansa as I really love the doubles more and more.

Herbs put down to infuse lately include sweet grass, fir needles & lemongrass, plus chives in vinegar and pansies steeped for jelly.

Soaps curing: fireweed, gardener's scrub, evergreen and rosemary-lemongrass.