June 16, 2008

Got your garden in by now? (How to speak Gardener)

This is a standard conversational opener round the world, in any language, for gardeners.
I mean the vegetable garden, of course; even here in ultima Thule we have beans coming up now, and it looks to be an increasingly important activity nowdays.

If you know what you have put on your garden, and when, you can know there isn't E. coli on your tomatoes, along with knowing they are fresh and tasty and your favorite variety.
This year the garden here has Kootenai, Totem, Oregon Spring, Currant tomato and whatever else we might wander home with from other vendors' booths at the market.

Being a devotee of filet beans, we favor LaFrance and also Emerite, plus Scarlet Runners for the hummingbirds and Triunfo Violetto. None of these are beans ever available in the grocery store, they freeze well, and the TASTE!! The best carrot, by far, of the dozens of varieties we have tried, is Mokum--sweet and carroty and does not get woody.

It's looking like a fair amount of cropland that has gone to vegetable seed crops in the past is scheduled to go to biofuel crops in the future, so a certain amount of putting by of veggie seed for the future might not be a bad thing. Kept cool and very dry (glass jars in the fridge, sealed containers in the root cellar), vegetable seeds will keep well for a long time, except for onions and parsnips.