May 14, 2008

Tree Scent Soaps

Two batches of soap, both "tree" scents, and the house smells amazing. Balsam poplar, my favorite warm incense scent, scented only with the infused oil of poplar buds (pictured here);
and cedar (western red cedar), with essential oil and infused cedar frond oil, so sweet and crisp and green it makes you smile. Loving trees as much as I do, I often joke I must be descended from a long line of chickadees and hamadryads.
The cedar essential oil is hard to get reliably, so I soap it when I can (and am this year going to infuse a lot more oil and see if I can bypass the distillers entirely on that item.). I added a touch of Sweet Annie to it, it has a similar green apple scent to cedar (what we in the Pacific NW think of as cedar, anyway, Thuja plicata, one of the more generous of trees, providing basketry materials, shelter, shade and fragrance).

Now that I have my sense of smell back, I will be soaping some scent blends I've been working on--apricot, honey, another rose (of course another rose!), pink lavender, and orange blossom and tuberose.

In between, of course, transplanting herbs, sowing veggies, and propagating roses.