May 31, 2008

Too Close for Comfort/ guess who's coming for dinner

Last night a bear tried to get into the house. I'd heard clumping and banging, and thought it was a raccoon maybe, and stomped on the porch and yelled a bit, then went back to prepping for market. When I sat down for dinner, I heard the noise again, around the back this time; I looked out to see a black bear at the window, standing up and trying to get in. That window was closed, and I raced around and slammed the doors and windows shut. The bear, a yearling and probably just kicked out of the nest, snuffled around in the gardens a bit and wandered off down the hill. It did surprisingly little damage to the flower bed it had been standing in, just broke some auriculas (there's a pun in there) and columbines.

If it comes back, I will call fish and game to trap it and move it. And for a few days at least, no cooking anything too yummy smelling and letting it waft out the window!


Betsy said...

Oh my gosh! What did your poor kitty think?!?!?

Judith said...

She'd been rather prickly all day, I suppose smelling the bear.

I heard from a friend this week a fellow we'd both known was pickup camping, cooking bacon in his camper, with the window open, and a bear pushed the window in and took the bacon---the bear went in and the man went running out! So I got off easy.