March 27, 2008

Spring's work I

In the midst of transplanting & sowing, the spring soapmaking is underway as well. First up: orange-tea tree shampoo bars, an invigorating, sweet & clean scent that presented itself one morning while tinkering with eo's. Next is balsam poplar; harvesting the buds has made my hands fragrant and sticky--this has to be done quickly as once the leaves begin to open, the sap will be gone till late autumn. As we keep having spring snow, I'll be using that for soapmaking as long as I have it. Till May? 4" forecast for tomorrow, a foot for Saturday.


Anonymous said...

I haven't tried your shampoo bars. What a good idea...and also to not have to throw away all those plastic shampoo bottles! Well, it's Friday night and it's dumping....I wonder how much snow we'll wake up to in the morning? -Betsy

Anonymous said...

Hi Judy! First, I want to tell you that the "Texas Sage" I got from you last summer has been blooming ever since- it has never stopped blooming! A very nice companion this winter! And second, all of a sudden I remembered that the hummingbirds showed up April 24th last year. Uh Oh, they are going to know not to come, right?!?!? -Betsy