March 27, 2008

Spring's work I

In the midst of transplanting & sowing, the spring soapmaking is underway as well. First up: orange-tea tree shampoo bars, an invigorating, sweet & clean scent that presented itself one morning while tinkering with eo's. Next is balsam poplar; harvesting the buds has made my hands fragrant and sticky--this has to be done quickly as once the leaves begin to open, the sap will be gone till late autumn. As we keep having spring snow, I'll be using that for soapmaking as long as I have it. Till May? 4" forecast for tomorrow, a foot for Saturday.

March 21, 2008

Equinoctical Gales

. . . we got 'em. We're not on the coast (well, the Pacific Coast of Idaho ;-) but we got a nice squishy snowfall last night and it's squalling today, the trees flailing about and casting big blobs of snow all around. I'm potting things on and could not resist taking a photo of these iris (variegated sweet iris, I. pallida variegata) against the snowy outdoors. There were swans on the reservoir south of here yesterday, so that means the ice is open enough for them and it must be spring!

March 14, 2008

Print catalog update

The catalog is delayed (again) due to printers' errors. It should mail out finally next week, but there are updates to the website, and the availability page, as the thaw has begun in earnest. The ground is still frozen, but there are green nubbins now!

March 1, 2008

2008 Catalog online

The plants list part of the catalog is online as of now; later on today the order form & shipping information will follow. There are many new Lavenders (and more to come!), Salvias & other herbs, some great new strawberries. . . take a peek: PGRPN plants catalog.

"And so to bed."