February 26, 2008

2008 Catalog

. . . will be online this weekend. It will be mailed after that (had some difficulties in printing). I'll notify here when it is put online. The catalog as listed currently online is last year's, and there will be many different, new plants, including some rarer annuals and more edibles.


Connie said...

Hi, stopping by from Cold Climate Gardening. I took a peek at your catalog and will back to peruse it later. Nice selection of plants! I am in Idaho as well... on the Clearwater river in zone 6b.

Judith said...

Hi Connie, thank you! On the Clearwater but 6b--not as cold as comes to mind when I think of the Clearwater. Banana-belty, I guess. It amazes me to remember how many zones Idaho has. You must have daffodils and squlls popping up? I may have, near the house, but I can't see over the snowbanks to find out!