December 23, 2007


No matter what the calendar says, winter has been here since the beginning of the month. There have been spectacular snows and torrential melt-offs followed by bad-skating freezes. It's been snowing dusty flour-snow all day, and as long as I don't have to plow it, it's fine with me, I can look up at next year's water supply collecting on the mountain and rest easy.
Seed starting is progressing, new soap ideas are getting from the notebook to the soap pot, and there will soon be a shopping cart--at least for the soap department. While ordering will be easier, it will still mean printing out a form--for now--but shipping will be calculated and (in many instances) cheaper.
Christmas here will be very quiet, a relief in what has become a turbulent world here at the nursery. The office kitty, Minnie, is recovering from her injuries (a vestibular disorder caused a fall and head injury)--she will likely always have a tilt to her head and weakness on one side. But she is back to her bonny self, and able to get around. Not bad for 19! Things aren't quite so bright for my mom, but we're doing the best we can. I've done our holiday baking--an orange flavored Christmas bread, and rice pudding (mandatory for Swedes). I'll have to plow in the morning to get to town; this time of year my favorite gardening tool is definitely the tractor.
Happy Holidays to everyone.